Anaya, Pedro María de (1794–1854)

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Anaya, Pedro María de (1794–1854)

Pedro María de Anaya (b. 1794; d. 21 March 1854), president of Mexico (1847, 1847–1848). A career military officer, Anaya served as deputy in the Mexican Congress (1829–1830) and as a senator (1844–1845). He was appointed minister of war in 1845 by President José Joaquín de Herrera. He was substitute president for Antonio López de Santa Anna from 2 April 1847 to 20 May 1847 and later that year was elected interim president, serving from 13 November 1847 until 8 January 1848. As defender of the convent of Churubusco on the southern outskirts of Mexico City during the war with the United States, Anaya was forced to surrender by U.S. General David E. Twiggs. When Twiggs occupied Churubusco and asked him where the munitions were, Anaya answered, "Si hubiera parque, no estarían ustedes aquí" ("If we had any munitions, you would not be here"). Anaya served as minister of war in 1848 and again in 1852, and was governor of the Federal District in 1849. He was serving as director general of the post office at his death in Mexico City.

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Anaya, Pedro María de (1794–1854)

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