Weil, Nethanel ben Naphtali Ẓevi

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WEIL, NETHANEL BEN NAPHTALI ẒEVI (1687–1769), German rabbi. In his youth Weil studied at the yeshivah ofAbraham *Broda in Prague, and in Metz. Later, he served as head of a yeshivah in Prague. On the expulsion of the Jews from Bohemia in 1744, he was appointed rabbi of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) district. In 1750 he became rabbi of Karlsruhe.

He is known mainly for his Korban Netanel, a comprehensive commentary on *Asher b. Jehiel's commentary to Mo'ed and Nashim. This was the first Hebrew book printed and issued in Karlsruhe (1755) and has been printed in all editions of the Talmud containing the Rosh. He also wrote Netiv Ḥayyim (Fuerth, 1779), annotations to the Shulḥan Arukh, Orah Ḥayyim, and Torat Netanel, responsa and sermons (2 vols., Fuerth 1795).


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[Zvi Meir Rabinowitz]