Black Forest

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Black Forest (Schwarzwald) Mountainous region between the rivers Rhine and Neckar, Baden-Württemburg, sw Germany. It is heavily forested in the higher areas, particularly around the sources of the Danube and the Neckar. The highest peak is Feldberg, 1493m (4898ft). Industries: tourism, timber, mechanical toys, clocks. Area: c.6000sq km (2320sq mi).

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Black Forest, Ger. Schwarzwald, mountain range, SW Germany, extending 90 mi (145 km) between the Rhine and Neckar rivers. Feldberg is the highest (4,898 ft/1,493 m) peak. The range is covered by dark pine forests and cut by deep valleys and small lakes. The Danube and Neckar rivers rise there. Lumbering and woodworking are important economic activities. Orchards and cattle are found in the valleys; grains are grown in the highlands. The Black Forest is famous for its clock and toy industries (cuckoo clocks, music boxes). It is a year-round resort area, known for its winter sports and mineral springs; Baden-Baden and Freiburg are the chief cities.