Victor of Plancy, St.

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Hermit; b. Troyes, France; d. Plancy, sixth century. He was educated for the priesthood and ordained, and he served as a priest before becoming a hermit in Plancy (Arcissur-Aube, near Troyes). His prodigies attracted large crowds, including a king of France (Chilperic, Childeric, or Clotaire II), to his cell. He was buried in his cell; an oratory was built there and his cult spread under the name "St. Vittre." In 837 his remains were transferred to Moutier-Ramey in the Diocese of Troyes; in 1791, to Arcis. His cult was especially popular in the 12th century when bernard of clairvaux composed an Office in his honor (Patrologia Latina, ed. J. P. Migne, 217v., indexes 4 v. (Paris 187890) 183:775780). His vita, written before 837 by an anonymous author, is of little value (Acta Sanctorum Feb. 3:665667).

Feast: Feb. 26.

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