Victoria & Albert

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Victoria & Albert ★★½ 2001

In this BBC production, fabulous sets and costumes frame the story of Victoria, the girl who would be Queen, and Albert, the husband she weds by arrangement. This is a romantic tale of two people who are put together through politics but come to depend on and love each other through trust and mutual respect. The story is historically accurate, but little things pertaining to the personal relationship and family life are painted a little too rosy. Literary license aside, this is a great, romantic, period drama that makes historical figures from a distant land accessible and friendly while teaching you a little about potentially dry English history. 200m/C VHS, DVD . Victoria Hamilton, Jonathan Firth, David Suchet, Diana Rigg, Patrick Malahide, Penelope Wilton, Peter Ustinov, Nigel Hawthorne; D: John Erman; W: John Goldsmith; C: Tony Imi; M: Alan Parker.TV

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Victoria & Albert

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