Ulianover, Miriam

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ULIANOVER, MIRIAM (1890–1944), Yiddish poet. Born in Lodz, Poland, Ulianover published poems in journals such as the Lodzher Folksblat and Lodzher Togblat, until deported to *Auschwitz where she perished. A single volume, Der Bobes Oytser ("Grandmother's Treasure," 1922), with an introduction by David *Frischmann, led to her being acclaimed as one of the outstanding women poets in Yiddish. Only extracts of a second volume, Shabes ("Sabbath"), appeared in E. Korman's anthology Yidishe Dikhterins. Her poems combined the simplicity of folk songs with tender romantic mysticism and nostalgia for the lost traditional world of her grandmother and great-grandmother in Polish villages.


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