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Controversial theologian and patrologist (known also as Turrianus); b. Palencia, Spain, c. 1509; d. Rome, Nov. 21, 1584. After having studied philosophy and theology at the University of Alcalá, he entered the service of Cardinal Salviati in Rome in 1540 and worked on manuscript collections in Roman libraries. He edited a number of Greek Fathers, including the orations of Anastasius Sinaita, John Damascene, and Leontius of Byzantium, and took part in the theological disputes of the day. Pope Pius IV appointed him a papal theologian for the third step of the Council of Trent, and he took part in the debates on the Eucharist, the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments of Orders and Matrimony, celibacy, and episcopal residence. On Jan. 6, 1567, he entered the Society of Jesus. He wrote tracts on episcopal residence, papal authority, and scripture.

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Torres, Francisco

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