Torres y Portugal, Fernando de

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Torres y Portugal, Fernando de

Fernando de Torres y Portugal (sixteenth century), seventh viceroy of Peru. Born in Jaén, Torres y Portugal received the title of conde de Villardompardo in 1576. In 1585 he was appointed viceroy of Peru, where he served until 1589. His rule was marred by conflict with the Inquisition over the activities of his son, don Jerónimo de Torres; nephew, don Diego de Portugal; and secretary, Juan Bello. Torres y Portugal also granted a Peruvian encomienda to his grandson, don Francisco de Torres y Portugal. During his rule, Torres y Portugal focused on the silver production of Potosí. After Thomas Cavendish ravaged the coast during his viceregency, Torres y Portugal became concerned with the defenses of the Pacific coast. In an effort to protect the realm he ordered the purchase of five galleons, two smaller ships for coastal service, and two galleys, along with fifty-four pieces of artillery. He returned to Spain in 1592.

See alsoEncomienda; Viceroyalty, Viceroy.


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Torres y Portugal, Fernando de

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