Samuel ben Shilat

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SAMUEL BEN SHILAT (first half of third century c.e.), Babylonian amora. Samuel was a pupil of Rav, whose sayings he transmitted. He is distinguished in the Talmud, however, as an outstanding pedagogue, utterly devoted to teaching children. Rav recognized his devotion and sincere dedication to his disciples and held him in high esteem, considering Samuel the ideal instructor of the young. Once Rav found him standing in his own garden during school hours and asked him whether he had forsaken his calling. Samuel answered, "For 13 years I have not seen my garden, and even now my thoughts are of pupils." Whereupon Rav applied to him the verse (Dan. 12:3), "they that turn the many to righteousness [shall shine] as the stars for ever and ever" (bb 8b).


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Samuel ben Shilat

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