Samuel ben Jacob of Kelmy

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SAMUEL BEN JACOB OF KELMY (1797–1867), rabbi. Samuel came from Neustadt (district of Kovno) and lived in Kelmy (Lithuania). In 1858 he immigrated to Ereẓ Israel, associating in Jerusalem with Meir *Auerbach of Kalisch and Sundel *Salant. In 1860 he went back to Europe but returned to Jerusalem in 1866. Samuel was a brother of Elijah Rogoler.

In 1870 after Samuel's death his son, A.L. *Frumkin, went to Israel, and he called the first edition of his Toledot Ḥakhmei Yerushalayim, Even Shemu'el (1874) after his father. At the end of Part i of this edition he incorporated Naḥalat Ya'akov, containing responsa and Torah novellae by his father and uncle (145–55). Many of Samuel's responsa, his novellae to tractates of the Talmud, and glosses to the Sha'agot Aryeh are still in manuscript.


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[Yehoshua Horowitz]

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Samuel ben Jacob of Kelmy

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