Samson Ha-Nakdan

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SAMSON HA-NAKDAN (13th century), Hebrew grammarian and vocalizer, who lived in Germany. It may be conjectured that Samson lived in Xanten, and he was apparently the grandfather and teacher of *Joseph b. Kalonymus ha-Nakdan of Xanten. He was the author of Mafte'aḥ ha-Dikduk (Cat. de-Rossi No. 3891) which Steinschneider believed to be identical with the Sefer Kelalei ha-Dikduk (Cat. Berlin no. 29; Vatican No. 296). He also wrote the Ḥibbur ha-Konim, which is also called Sefer ha-Shimshoni, on the *masorah. In his book he quotes the main medieval grammarians.


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