Samson ben Samson of Coucy

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SAMSON BEN SAMSON OF COUCY (called ha-sar mi-Coucy ; 13th century), French tosafist. Samson, a descendant of Joseph *Bonfils, belonged to a distinguished family of French scholars. Judah of Corbeil was his uncle and *Moses of Coucy his brother-in-law. He was one of the younger pupils of *Isaac b. Samuel of Dampierre, but his main teacher was *Judah b. Isaac, Judah Sir Leon of Paris. His words are quoted frequently in the standard tosafot on several tractates, and many citations from his rulings and responsa, as well as remnants of his tosafot, have been preserved in the works of rishonim. Samson was a teacher of *Isaac b. Moses Or Zaru'a, and also, apparently, of *Hezekiah b. Jacob of Magdeburg.


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