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SAGIS , family originally from Spain who settled in Brusa, Turkey. Among its members were:

(1) joseph sagis (d. 1572), an eminent Safed rabbi and head of a yeshivah there. According to a tradition, which is not accepted, however, he was one of the four rabbis ordained by *Jacob Berabi. In Safed he was the main teacher of Eleazar *Azikri in Talmud, and his influence is clearly discernible in his works. He was associated with Joseph *Caro and Moses *Trani (the Mabit), and his signature appears together with theirs on many rulings. In 1570 he founded in Safed an association of Yirei Adonai ve-Ḥasidim ("God-fearing pious men") who met in the synagogue every Friday to give an account of their actions during the week.

(2) solomon ben moses sagis (d. between 1587 and 1589), Safed rabbi. According to one source he was the son-in-law of Isaac *Luria. Among his pupils were Joseph b. Moses *Trani, Ḥiyya *Rofe, and Tovijah b. Abraham ha-Levi, who quotes some of his teacher's novellae in his Ḥen Tov (Venice, 1605).

(3) jonathan sagis (16th century) was one of the important pupils of Isaac Luria and an associate of Ḥayyim Vital. His son-in-law was Moses *Galantei.


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