Revue des Études Juives

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REVUE DES ÉTUDES JUIVES (rej), Jewish scholarly periodical in Europe. The Revue was founded in 1880 as the organ of the Société des Études Juives, on the initiative of Zadoc *Kahn and Isidore *Loeb to stimulate Jewish studies in France. It was to deal with all aspects of the Jewish past, excluding dogmatic or purely denominational matters. The Revue published many important articles on the history of French Jewry, and also touched on all other fields of Jewish studies. It included a valuable and extensive book review section. Maintaining a high scholarly level, the Revue gained an important place among learned journals. The publication of the Revue, interrupted during World War ii, was resumed afterward with the assistance of the Centre national de la recherche scientifique, the École pratique des hautes études (vith section) and, for a few years, the Memorial Foundation. In 1961 the Revue merged with Historia Judaica, whose editor, Guido *Kisch, became coeditor of the Revue. The editorship of the rej was held successively by Isidore Loeb, Israel Levi, Julien Weill, Maurice Liber, Georges *Vajda (1946–1980), G. *Nahon and Ch. *Touati for a time with G. Dahan, S. Mimouni (1997– ), E. Oliel-Grausz (1997–2002), J.P. Rothschild (from 2001). Toward the end of the 20th century and into the 21st, ancient studies became more prominent, while medieval and French studies decreased slightly, and the bibliographical sections were expanded. A general index of vols. 1–50 (1910) was prepared by A. Hertz; a table of contents of vols. 50–100, appeared in 1936. G. *Nahon edited the Tables et index of vols. 101–125 (rej 132:3, 1973); 126–131 (rej 135:4, 1976); 132–138 (rej 139:4, 1980); J.P. Rothschild, the Tables et index… [for vols. 139–158 (1980–1999)], (2003). The last issues are partially available on line.


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Jean–Pierre Rothschild (2nd ed.)]