Revolver 2005

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Revolver ★ 2005

Director Ritchie sticks to lowlife criminals with little return. Ex-con Jake Green (Statham) decides to get even with casino-owning baddie Macha (Liotta), who set him up for a prison stint. Jake wins big at the casino and Macha orders a hit to soothe his humiliation. Then Jake is picked up by loan shark Zack (Pastore) and his partner Avi (Benjamin), who dispense a lot of silly psychobabble to no known purpose, which is par for the flick's general incoherence. 115m/C DVD . GB FR Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Vincent Pastore, Andre Benjamin, Francesca Annis, Terence Maynard, Mark Strong, Andrew Howard; D: Guy Ritchie; W: Guy Ritchie; C: Tim Jones; M: Nathaniel Mechaly.

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Revolver 2005

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