Revolutionary Organization 17 November (17 November)

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Revolutionary Organization 17 November (17 November)

The Revolutionary Organization 17 November (a.k.a. 17 November) is a radical leftist group established in 1975 and named for the student uprising in Greece in November, 1973, in protest of the military regime. Seventeen November has an agenda that is anti-Greek establishment, anti-U.S., anti-Turkey, anti-NATO, committed to the ouster of U.S. bases, removal of Turkish military presence from Cyprus, and the severing of Greece's ties to NATO and the European Union (EU).

Organization activities. Seventeen November's initial attacks were assassinations of senior U.S. officials and Greek public figures. The group added bombings in the 1980s and, since 1990, has expanded targets to include EU facilities and foreign firms investing in Greece. Seventeen November adherents are known to use improvised rocket attacks. In June, 2000, 17 November claimed responsibility for the murder of British Defense Attaché Stephen Saunders.

Operating in or near Athens, Greece, the exact size of 17 November is unknown, but membership is presumed to be limited to a small cadre.



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Revolutionary Organization 17 November (17 November)

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