Ravina (Rabinowitz), Menashe

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RAVINA (Rabinowitz), MENASHE

RAVINA (Rabinowitz ), MENASHE (1899–1968), composer and writer. Menashe Ravina was born in Pereyaslavl, Ukraine, went to Palestine in 1924, and became active as a music educator, choral organizer, music critic (for Davar, from 1925 until his death), and composer. He pioneered in music popularization as well as in the arranging of music and singing courses for workers. Ravina's writings include Yo'el Engel ve-ha-Musikah ha-Yehudit (1947); and an exercise book for solfège, Organum and the Samaritans (1963). His songs include Ha-Shekediyyah Poraḥat (text by Israel Dushman), Alei Giv'ah (A. Broides), and many others.