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Ravidāsī. Religious movement among Pañjābīs of the leatherworker caste. The memory of Ra(v)i Dās survived with a loose network of shrines (dehrās) serving as focal points for chamār devotion. However, the Ravidāsī movement only took shape in the early 20th cent., as members of lower castes, especially urban, educated chamārs, sought religious and political identity. They called their religion Ād Dharm (the original religion). In 1907 Sant Hirān Das established a Ravi Dās Sabhā, soon followed by other dehrās in Pañjāb.

Despite affinity to Sikhism, Ravidāsīs frequently have Hindu names and are cleanshaven. Their major festival is Gurū Ravi Dāsʾ birthday.