Rappaport, Jacob

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RAPPAPORT, JACOB (1890–1943), Ḥazzan. Rappaport was born in Telenesht, Bessarabia. As the son of a rabbi and a seventh generation descendant of the Ba'al Shem Tov, he enjoyed a strong ḥasidic upbringing. As a child he was apprenticed to the great Zeidel Rovner. In Hungary, at the age of 18, he made his debut as a cantor. Two years later he emigrated to America, where he held various positions and devoted himself to composing, becoming a master of the Ḥazzanic recitative. Among those who turned to him for their materials were *Hershman, Shlisky, and *Ganchoff, as well as operatic singers Richard *Tucker and Jan *Peerce. Amongst his famous recitatives are Ellu Devarim, Modim anahnu lakh and Atta noten yad. He also served as president of the Jewish Ministers Cantors Association.

[Raymond Goldstein (2nd ed.)]