Rapp, George (Robert)

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RAPP, George (Robert)

RAPP, George (Robert). American, b. 1930. Genres: Archaeology/ Antiquities, Natural history, Sciences. Career: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Rapid City, assistant professor, 1957-60, associate professor of mineralogy, 1961-65; University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis, associate professor of geology and geophysics, 1965-75, director of undergraduate studies, 1965-75, professor at Center for Ancient Studies, 1972-89; University of Minnesota, Duluth, professor of geology and archaeology, dean of College of Letters and Science, 1975-84, dean of College of Science and Engineering, 1984-89, director of Archaeometry Laboratory, 1975-, regents' professor of geoarchaeology, 1995-; Boston University, research professor of archaeology, 1988-93. National Science Foundation, visiting lecturer of American Geological Institute, 1968-71; Sigma Xi, national lecturer, 1979-81; lecturer at colleges and universities worldwide. Founder of Division of Marine and Coastal Geology at Hellenic Institute of Oceanographic and Fishing Research, 1972-73. Conducted field work in Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, and China; associate director and chief scientist of Minnesota Messenia Expedition and Nichoria excavation, 1966-78; archaeometric director of Tel Michal excavation in Israel, 1977-80; codirector of Sotira Kaminoudhia excavation in Cyprus, 1983; geoarchaeologist at excavations of ancient Troy, 1989-91; consultant to agencies and foundations; member of board of directors of scientific societies. Publications: (with W.L. Roberts) Mineralogy of the Black Hills, 1965; (with F.J. Sawkins, C.L. Chase, and D. Darby) The Evolving Earth, 1974, rev. ed., 1978; (with Roberts and J. Weber, Jr.) Encyclopedia of Minerals, 1974, rev. ed. (with Roberts and T. Campbell), 1989; (ed. with C.F. Vondra) Hominid Sites: Their Geologic Settings, 1981; (with C. Hill) Geoarchaeology, 1998; (with others) Sources of Artifact Copper, 2000. EDITOR AND CONTRIBUTOR (with W.A. McDonald) The Minnesota Messenia Expedition: Reconstructing a Bronze Age Regional Environment, 1972; (with S.E. Aschenbrenner) Excavations at Nichoria in Southwestern Greece, Volume I: Site Environs, Techniques, 1978; (with J.A. Gifford) Troy: The Archaeological Geology, 1982; (with Gifford) Archaeological Geology, 1985; (with Z. Herzog and O. Negbi) Excavations at Tel Michal, Israel, 1989; (with S.C. Mulholland) Phytolith Systematics: Emerging Issues, 1992. Contributor to periodicals. Address: Archaeometry Laboratory, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Duluth, MN 55812, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]