Praepositus (Joannes de San Georgio)

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Lay canonist; b. Bologna, Italy; d. Bologna, c. 1378. He completed his studies in law and became professor of Canon Law at Bologna in 1320. He left that position in 1347 and in 1352 became professor of Canon Law at Padua, where he remained until 1361. He married the daughter of another important canonist of this period, Joannes Andrea, and there was considerable communication between these canonists in their work. He was a member of a group of 14thcentury commentators upon the Decretum of Gratian and upon papal decretals. His most important works were a commentary on the Clementine constitutions (Reportationes super clementinis ) and a collection of commentaries on various juridic problems (Quaestiones ). His Reportationes can be considered a supplement to Joannes Andrea's apparatus on the Clementine constitutions.

Bibliography: j. f. von schulte, Die Geschichte der Quellen und der Literatur des kanonischen Rechts 2:253. a. van hove, Commentarium Lovaniense in Codicem iuris canonici 1 1:490 501.

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