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Praelisauer , family of German musicians, all brothers:

(1) Anton Simon Ignaz Praelisauer , organist and composer; b. Kötzting, Bavaria (baptized), Aug. 13, 1692; d. Augsburg, Jan. 5, 1746. He was organist of St. Michael’s Church and vice-prefect of St. Gregory’s seminary in Munich before being made organist (1725) and Kapellmeister (1736) of Augsburg Cathedral. His compositions are not extant.

(2) Coelestin (actually, Franz Idelfons ) Praelisauer , organist, pedagogue, and composer; b. Kötzting (baptized), April 7, 1694; d. Tegernsee, Feb. 5, 1745. He studied at the Tegernsee seminary, and then became a member of the Benedictine order and director of music there. He composed much sacred music, including responsories for the Vigil for the Dead and the sacred folk play Ecce Agnus Dei.

(3) Andreas Benedikt Praelisauer , choirmaster and composer; b. Kötzting (baptized), April 7, 1699; d. Polling, Nov. 5, 1743. He studied at the Augustinian prebendary college in Polling, where he was active as a canon and coirmaster.

(4) Columban (actually, Josef Bernhard ) Praelisauer , composer; b. Kötzting (baptized), Jan. 11, 1703; d. Rott am Inn, Oct. 23, 1753. He studied at the Jesuit school in Munich. In 1720 he entered the Benedictine monastery in Rott am Inn, where he served as rector chori and librarian.

(5) Robert (Martin) Praelisauer , composer; b. Kötzting (baptized), Nov. 4, 1708; d. Reinstetten, Württemberg, Oct. 18, 1771. He studied at the Jesuit school in Munich. In 1729 he took his vows at the Benedictine abbey of Ochsenhausen, Württemberg. He was ordained a priest in 1734, and then was rector chori there and later priest of various parishes. Among his extant works are Compositiones piarum cantionum and 3 arias for Soprano and Instruments.

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire