Pinner, Felix

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PINNER, FELIX (1880–1942), German economist and journalist. Born in Birnbaum (Posen), he engaged initially in economic and journalistic activities which also included a strong interest in the colonization of Palestine by German Zionists. In 1924 he became editor of the financial section of the Berliner Tageblatt, one of Germany's leading liberal dailies. He left Germany for the U.S. soon after Hitler's rise to power, but failed to integrate in his new surroundings. He took his own life, and that of his wife, in New York during a period of mental depression due to financial difficulties.

His principal publications are Emil Rathenau und das elektrische Zeitalter (1918); Deutsche Wirtschaftsfuehrer (1925, published under the pseudonym Frank Fassland); Das Neue Palaestina (1926); Tannerhuette; der Roman einer Sozialisierung (1928); and Die grossen Weltkrisen… (1937).

[Joachim O. Ronall]