Pinocchio 1940

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Pinocchio ★★★★ 1940 (G)

Second Disney animated film featuring Pinocchio, a little wooden puppet, made with love by the old woodcarver Geppetto, and brought to life by a good fairy. Except Pinocchio isn't content to be just a puppet—he wants to become a real boy. Lured off by a sly fox, Pinocchio undergoes a number of adventures as he tries to return safely home. Has some scary scenes, including Geppetto, Pinocchio, and their friend Jiminy Cricket getting swallowed by a whale, and Pleasure Island, where naughty boys are turned into donkeys. An example of animation at its best and a Disney classic that has held up over time. ♫When You Wish Upon a Star; Give a Little Whistle; Turn on the Old Music Box; Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life For Me); I've Got No Strings. 87m/C VHS, DVD. D: Hamilton Luske, Ben Sharpsteen; W: Aurelius Battaglia, William Cottrell, Otto Englander, Erdman Penner, Joseph Sabo, Ted Sears, Webb Smith; V: Dick(ie) Jones, Cliff Edwards, Evelyn Venable, Walter Catlett, Frankie Darro, Charles (Judel, Judells) Judels, Don Brodie, Christian Rub. Oscars ‘40: Song (“When You Wish Upon a Star”), Orig. Score, Natl. Film Reg. ‘94.