Pinochet's Last Stand

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Pinochet's Last Stand ★★ Pinochet in Suburbia 2006

In 1973, General Augusto Pinochet took control of Chile in a violent coup and ruled as a dictator for 17 years. But in 1998, in a surprise move, the elderly ex-leader (Jacobi) was arrested in Britain (where he was seeking medical treatment) and charged with crimes against humanity. Confined to a house in a London suburb, Pinochet waited in exile while government ministers vacillated and the judicial system took over. 77m/C DVD . GB Derek Jacobi, Peter Capaldi, Phyllida Law, Michael Maloney, Jessica Stevenson, Pip Torrens, Yolanda Vasquez, Anna Massey, Susan Woolridge; D: Richard Smith; W: Richard Smith; C: Jeff Baynes; M: Jeff Beal.