Kefar Glickson

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KEFAR GLICKSON (Heb. כְּפַר גְּלִיקְסוֹן), kibbutz in the N. Sharon, Israel, on the rim of the Manasseh Hills, affiliated to Ha-Oved ha-Ẓiyyoni. It was founded in 1939 on *Palestine Jewish Colonization Association (pica) land. The founding settlers, from Romania, erected a permanent village only in 1945. In 1969 Kefar Glickson's economy was based on intensive farming and on a factory processing lime. Later on it set up guest rooms and a youth hostel. The kibbutz was linked to a neighboring youth village, *Allonei Yiẓḥak, and is named after the journalist and General Zionist leader Moshe *Gluecksohn (Glickson). Its population in 1968 was 250; in 2002, 284.


[Efraim Orni]