Kefar Azar

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KEFAR AZAR (Heb. כְּפַר כָּרוּךְ), moshav in central Israel, about 6 mi. (10 km.) E. of Tel Aviv, affiliated to Tenu'at ha-Moshavim, and founded in 1932 by veteran agricultural laborers of the Second and Third Aliyah. Engaged in suburban truck farming from the outset, Kefar Azar principally raised vegetables, dairy cattle, and poultry. In the largely urbanized surrounding area, the moshav preserved to an extent its character of a rural "island." Kefar Azar is named after the writer Alexander Siskind *Rabinovitz (abbr. "Azar"). In 1968 its population was 330, rising to 460 in the mid-1990s and 539 inhabitants in 2002 after expansion.

[Efraim Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]