Allonei Yiẓḥak

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ALLONEI YIẒḤAK (Heb. אַלּוֹנֵי יִצְחָק), youth village in central Israel. It was founded in 1948 within the confines of neighboring *Kefar Glickson, with which it continued to be closely linked. In 1949 it received its own land in the vicinity. Its establishment was aided by the *General Zionist and Progressive parties and by the *Hadassah Organization of America. Within the framework of *Youth Aliyah, Allonei Yiẓḥak trained immigrant children, principally in agriculture, and held courses for American high school students under the auspices of its American-Israel Secondary School Program. Subsequently it became a boarding school housing 75% of the village's students and still absorbing immigrant youth with special ulpan courses to learn Hebrew. The village included various farm branches, where students worked one day a week. In the mid-1990s the population was approximately 300, dropping to 223 from 20 different countries in 2002. The name ("oaks of Yiẓḥak") refers to the oak forest formerly in the vicinity and to the Zionist leader Yiẓḥak *Gruenbaum.


[Efraim Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]