Joseph ben Moses of Kremenets

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JOSEPH BEN MOSES OF KREMENETS (second half of the 16th century), Polish talmudist. Joseph's teachers in Cracow included Moses *Isserles, Israel ben Shalom *Shakhna, and R. Mardush in Ostrog. The influence of his teachers is seen in his Be'urei ha-Semag (Venice, 1605), a commentary on the section on negative precepts in the Sefer Mitzvot Gadol of *Moses of Coucy. He also wrote Be'urei Rashi, a super commentary to Rashi's commentary on the Pentateuch (Prague, 1615), as well as Be'urei Sha'arei Dura (ibid., 1609), on the work of that name by Isaac ben Meir *Dueren (Cracow, 1534). A halakhic decision of Joseph appears in the Mashbit Milḥamot about the Mikvah of Rovigo (Venice, 1606, 88a–89b).


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[Samuel Abba Horodezky]

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Joseph ben Moses of Kremenets

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