Joseph ben Jacob Bar Satia

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JOSEPH BEN JACOB BAR SATIA (tenth century), Gaon of *Sura. The derivation and meaning of the name Bar Satia is not clear. He was appointed gaon by the exilarch *David b. Zakkai, some time after 930 c.e., after the exilarch had become embroiled in a dispute with Saadiah Gaon and had deposed him as gaon of Sura. Even though the exilarch and Saadiah were reconciled in 937, Joseph was not entirely deposed and, on Saadiah's death in 942, he was reappointed gaon. Not of a very strong character, he was unable to stand up to his wealthy and influential opponent in Pumbedita, Aaron *Sargado, and the academy of Sura declined during his days. Some time after 943, Joseph left Sura and went to Basra, where he died shortly after.


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[Eliezer Bashan (Sternberg)]

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Joseph ben Jacob Bar Satia

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