Joseph ben Isaac Ha-Levi

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JOSEPH BEN ISAAC HA-LEVI (17th century), philosophical writer. Born in Lithuania, he later settled in Prague, where he taught medieval religious philosophy to many rabbinical scholars. Ephraim Solomon of Luntschits reports that after Joseph settled in Prague, he became known as a scholar and philosopher and some of the greatest scholars of Prague cameto learn from him (see S. Fuenn, Kiryah Ne'emanah (1915), 64). Joseph's short commentary on *Maimonides' Guide, under the title Givat ha-Moreh, was published by Yom Tov Lipmann *Heller, author of the Mishnah commentary Tosafot Yom Tov, with his own introduction and annotations (Prague, 1611). Joseph also wrote Ketonet Passim (Lublin, 1614), dealing with the basic ideas of the Guide.


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Joseph ben Isaac Ha-Levi

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