Joseph (Josel) ben Ze'ev Wolf Ha-Levi

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JOSEPH (Josel ) BEN ZE'EV WOLF HA-LEVI (first half of the 18th century), rabbi and author. Originally from Lissa, he served as a rabbi in Hohensalza and in Dubno. The following of his works have been printed: Tiferet Yosef, the first part of a supercommentary on Rashi's Bible commentary (Prague, 1725), dealing with the first three books of the Pentateuch; Ateret Yosef, a collection of his halakhic and aggadic novellae to the tractate Kiddushin (Berlin, 1746); Sugyot ha-Shas (Berlin, 1736–39); a collection of supplements to the 1734–39 Berlin and Frankfurt on the Oder editions of the Talmud, in which old tosafot to the Talmud and tosafot to Horayot and Keritot are quoted. This work was criticized as having been largely copied from the Frankfurt on the Main edition of the Talmud (1720–22).


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Joseph (Josel) ben Ze'ev Wolf Ha-Levi

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