Joseph ben David Ha-Yevani

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JOSEPH BEN DAVID HA-YEVANI ("the Greek"; early 14th century), Hebrew grammarian and lexicographer who lived in Greece. He was the author of the unpublished work Menorat ha-Ma'or containing a short grammar and a lexicon which, in the solely preserved Bodleian manuscript (Neubauer Cat, 1 (1886), 525 no. 1485), goes only as far as the word חשב. Dukes published excerpts from the lexicon (see bibl.). The author quotes the works of Judah b. David *Ḥayyuj, Jonah *Ibn Janaḥ, *Rashi, Abraham *Ibn Ezra, David *Kimḥi, and *Naḥmanides. In his grammar he relies on Midrash ha-Ḥokhmah by Judah b. Solomon ha-Kohen ibn Matka of Toledo. Fuerst, Benjacob, and Rosanes confused Joseph b. David with Joseph b. Moses Kilti. Joseph b. David died before 1337.


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[Moshe Nahum Zobel]

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Joseph ben David Ha-Yevani

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