John VI, Pope

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Pontificate: Oct. 30, 701, to Jan. 11, 705; d. Rome. Of Greek descent, John succeeded in quelling the revolt of the Italian militia against the imperial exarch, Theophylactus, who had moved from Sicily to Rome. John's negotiations with the Lombard Gisulf, Duke of Benevento, resulted in the liberation of captives taken during Gisulf's invasion of the Campania and the withdrawal of the Beneventan troops. The only extant letter of John's pontificate (Eddius, Vita s. Wilfredi, ch. 54) originated from a four-month Roman synod of 704 that referred the dispute between the exiled wilfrid of york, Bosa, Bishop of York, and john of beverley, Bishop of Hexham, to the jurisdiction of Archbishop brithwald of canter bury, with the provision that should an appeal be lodged from the decision of Canterbury all concerned would be obliged to appear in Rome.

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John VI, Pope

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