John the Almsgiver, St.

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Patriarch of Alexandria, 610 to 617 or 619; b. Amathus, Cyprus; d. there, 619. He was the son of Epiphanius, the governor of Cyprus, and Honesta. John married early and had a number of children, all of whom died in infancy. Later, as a widower and friend of sophronius (patriarch of Jerusalem), John moschus, and Leontius of Neapolis, John was elected patriarch of Alexandria by acclamation in 610 and set about reforming the discipline of the clergy and laity. He built monasteries and churches, established refuges for the Syrians dispossessed by the Persians, and strenuously urged the rich of Alexandria to participate in his work for the poor. When the imperial official Nicetas confiscated the Church's revenues for military purposes, John forced him to make restitution. When the Persians occupied Egypt, he fled to his ancestral home in Cyprus, where he died. His remains were translated several times and finally came to rest at Presbourg on Jan. 23, 1632. John wrote a vita of Bishop Tychon of Amathus in Cyprus; his own vita was written by Leontius of Neapolis.

Feast: Jan. 23 and Nov. 12 (Greek Church).

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