John V, Pope

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Pontificate: July 23, 685 to Aug. 2, 686; d. Rome. He was of a Syrian family, the son of Cyriacus. While a deacon, as recorded in his epitaph, John had been one of Pope Agatho's legates to the sixth ecumenical Council of constantinople iii (680681). He was canonically elected in the Lateran basilica and then installed in the Lateran palace, in accord with the recent decree of the Emperor constantine iv Pogonatus to Pope Benedict II (Dölger Reg. 252). John, in synod, cassated the ordination of the bishop of Sassari, Sardinia, by Citonatus, Archbishop of Cagliari in Sardinia, and decreed that the irregularly consecrated bishop be again subject to the provincial authority of the bishop of Rome rather than to that of Cagliari.

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John V, Pope

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