Jochsberger, Tzipora

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JOCHSBERGER, TZIPORA (1920– ), composer, musicologist, and educator; founder of the Israel Musical Heritage Project. Born in Leuterhausen, Germany, Jochsberger entered the Palestine Academy of Music, now the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance, in 1939, where she studied piano and trained as a music teacher. She later earned an M.A. (1959) and Ph.D. (1972) in Jewish music from the Jewish Theological Seminary. Her many books include Bekol Zimra: A Collection of Jewish Choral Music (1966) and A Harvest of Jewish Song (1980). Jochsberger hosted and produced three 13-part television series, Music of the Jewish People (1976); Experiences in Jewish Music (1977); and A Kaleidoscope of Jewish Music (1978). She was also executive producer of an 11-part documentary video series, A People and Its Music (from 1991), devoted to the musical traditions of a variety of Jewish communities. Her published musical compositions include Four Hebrew Madrigals and A Call to Remember: Sacred Songs of the High Holidays.


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[Judith R. Baskin (2nd ed.)]