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A secular institute of diocesan priests, founded by Joseph Pierre Picot de Clorivière, SJ, in Paris in 1791 and revived there by Reverend Daniel Fontaine in 1918. This society became a secular institute in 1951 and was introduced in the United States by Reverend Yves M. Guenver in 1957. The priest members remain in their diocesan assignments under the complete authority of their bishops. The purpose of the society, to develop fully the grace of the priesthood and total dedication to priestly work, is accomplished by means of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience; a flexible rule of life; regular spiritual direction; and a fraternal community. The spirit of the institute is that of Christ's redemptive love, symbolized by the Sacred Heart, sustained by prayer, and exercised by fraternal and pastoral charity. Members make an hour's daily meditation, report regularly on their spiritual exercises and finances, and meet monthly. Their poverty is marked by simplicity and generosity, and is adapted to their secular state; property ownership is retained, but under the superior's control. Since the society exercises no control over its members' apostolate, obedience is due to the superior only in matters of the spiritual life.

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