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Heart of America Woof! 2003 (R)

You might know Boll from his embarrassingly bad video game movies, but this school-shooting melodrama is easily the director's worst film yet. Your mind will boggle at how shamelessly Boll milks the Columbine tragedy in his desperate attempt to reinvent himself as a serious filmmaker. Set on the last day of high school, the film leaves no Afterschool Special cliche unturned as it follows various students and teachers hours before two brooding loners decide to take out their angst Charlton Heston-style. It's heady material, but Boll is no Michael Moore. Instead, he prefers to shoot inappropriate softcore T&A in a scene where a bully molests a mentally-handicapped girl known as “Slow White.” Yeah, classy stuff all around. 87m/C DVD . CA GE Jurgen Prochnow, Michael Pare, Patrick Muldoon, Kett Turton, Elissabeth (Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Liz) Moss, Maria Conchita Alonso, Clint Howard, Brendan Fletcher, Lochlyn Munro, Maeve Quinlan, Michaela Mann, Will Sanderson; D: Uwe Boll; W: Uwe Boll, Robert Dean Klein; C: Mathias Neumann; M: Reinhard Besser.

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