Heart of Light

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Heart of Light ★★ Lysets Hjerte 1997

Marginalized Inuit family, living in Danish-occupied Greenland, suffer from being cut off from their native culture. Teenager Nisi has a breakdown, goes on a killing spree, and then turns the gun on himself. His drunken father, Rasmus, decides to leave the community on an old dogsled and encounters a hermit who leads him on a mystical journey into the past. Filmed on location in Greenland. Inuit and Danish with subtitles. 92m/C VHS, DVD . DK Rasmus Lyberth, Anda Kristensen, Vivi Nielsen, Niels Platow; D: Jacob Gronlykke; W: Jacob Gronlykke; C: Dan Laustsen; M: Joachim Holbek.

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Heart of Light

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