Hauser, Emil

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HAUSER, EMIL (1893–1978), violinist and teacher. Born in Budapest, Hauser became a teacher at the Hoch Conservatory, Frankfurt, in 1913, and joined the Adolph Busch Quartet. In 1917 he formed the Budapest String Quartet, in which he played first violin, until emigrating to Palestine in 1932. He founded the Palestine Music Conservatory, Jerusalem, in 1933, which was the first professionally oriented music school in the country with a comprehensive program for all instruments, theory, composition, history, and Arab music. Hauser headed the chamber music class at the Juilliard School of Music, New York, from 1947 until 1959 and Pablo Casals' master courses in Zermatt, Switzerland, for four years. His Interpretation of Music for Ensemble was published in 1952.

[Jehoash Hirschberg (2nd ed.)]