Hausegger, Friedrich von

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Hausegger, Friedrich von

Hausegger, Friedrich von, Austrian musicologist, father of Siegmund von Hausegger; b. St. Andra, Carinthia, April 26, 1837; d. Graz, Feb. 23, 1899. He was a pupil of Salzmann and Dessoff, and also studied law and became a barrister at Graz. In 1872 he became a teacher of history and theory of music at the Univ. of Graz. He contributed to music periodicals.


Musik als Ausdruck (Vienna, 1885); Richard Wagner und Schopenhauer (1890); Vom Jenseits des Künstlers (1893); Die künstlerische Persönlichkeit (1897); Unsere deutschen Meister (ed. by R. Louis; 1901); his Gesammelte Schriften was brought out by his son in 1939.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire