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GLAPHYRA (first century b.c.e.), daughter of Archelaus, king of Cappadocia. Glaphyra's first husband was *Alexander, son of Herod the Great. After Alexander's execution (7 b.c.e.) Herod returned her to her father. However, her two sons by the marriage, Tigranes and Alexander, remained with the king. Glaphyra then married Juba, king of Libya. This marriage seems to have ended abruptly, and the princess returned home again. There she met Archelaus, son of Herod, who immediately divorced his wife Mariamne and married her. This marriage constituted a transgression of Jewish law, since Glaphyra had already borne children to the brother of Archelaus. Glaphyra died shortly after her arrival in Judea.


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[Isaiah Gafni]