Glaser, Julius Anton

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GLASER, JULIUS ANTON (Joshua ; 1831–1886), Austrian jurist. Born in Poestelberg, Bohemia, he converted to Christianity in his youth. He obtained doctorates in law from the universities of Zurich and Vienna. In 1856 he was appointed assistant professor of criminal law at Vienna University and four years later became full professor. From 1871 to 1879 he was minister of justice and later attorney general. Glaser's principal contribution to Austrian jurisprudence was the introduction of a new penal code in 1873. The code was largely concerned with protecting the rights of the accused and remained in force in Austria until 1938. Among his numerous legal publications are Das englischschottische Strafverfahren (1850); Anklage, Wahrspruch und Rechtsmittel im englischen Schwurgerichtsverfahren (1866). In addition, he coedited the Allgemeine Oesterreichische Gerichtszeitung.

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Glaser, Julius Anton

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