Glantz, Margo

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GLANTZ, MARGO (1930– ), Mexican author and critic. The daughter of Yiddish poet Jacobo *Glantz, she grew up in an atmosphere of both Jewish European and Mexican Christian and popular culture. Her books reflect this complex double identity as well as the strife of an independent woman in a man-ruled culture. Glantz's best-known book, Las genealogías (1981; The Family Tree, 1991), retells her family's and her own memories. Since Las mil y una calorías ("One Thousand and One Calories," 1978), her narrations defy the traditions of the genre by means of fragmentation and irony. Among them: Síndrome de naufragios ("Shipwreck Syndrome," 1984); Zona de derrumbe ("Zone of Collapse," 2001); El rastro (2002; The Wake, 2005); Historia de una mujer que caminó por la vida con zapatos de diseñador ("History of a Woman who Walked through Life with Designer Shoes," 2005). Her essay "De la amorosa inclinación a enredarse en cabellos" ("On the Loving Tendency to Entangle Oneself in Hair," 1984) satirizes Jewish Orthodoxy related to woman's hair and submission. Glantz contributes to the Mexican press and media. She published critical essays on Mexican literature, which she also taught at Mexican, American, and European universities. She received several awards for her literary and critical works.


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[Florinda F. Goldberg (2nd ed.)]