Fischer, Johann Kaspar Ferdinand

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Baroque composer and keyboard virtuoso; b. Germany, 1650?; d. Rastatt, March 27, 1746?. Reliable biographical details are unavailable, but it is known that by 1695 he was music director to Margrave Ludwig of Baden. It is also evident, from his music, that he had captured the spirit of the late baroque French instrumental style of J. B. lully and helped introduce it into Germany. Like much baroque music, Fischer's compositions were first published in great sets. Among them are Journal de Printemps (1695), charming orchestral or dance suites following the French order; Musikalisches Blumen-Büschlein (1696), keyboard suites; Vesperae (1701), Vesper psalms for eight voices and instrumental accompaniment; Ariadne Musica (1715), preludes and fugues in 20 keys together with ricercars for the church seasons (this became the model for J. S. bach's Well-Tempered Clavier ); Litaniae Laurentiae (1711), eight litanies and four Marian antiphons for voices and instruments; and Blumenstrauss (1732), organ preludes and fugues in as many church modes, together with a toccata and finale for each group.

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