Eleazar ben Hananiah ben Hezekiah

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ELEAZAR BEN HANANIAH BEN HEZEKIAH (lived shortly before the destruction of the Temple in 70 c.e.), tanna. His full name was Eleazar b. Hananiah b. Hezekiah b. Garon. He is quoted in Sifre Deut. 294, and Mech. Bahodesh 7, his position in this latter source appearing elsewhere in the name of Shammai. In *Megillat Ta'anit it is stated (p. 351) that "the group of Eleazar (Eliezer) b. Hananiah b. Hezekiah b. Garon wrote Megillat Ta'anit." In the Talmud (Shab. 13b), however, the compilation of Megillat Ta'anit is ascribed to "Hananiah b. Hezekiah and his companions" (see: Noam, 29–31). Graetz, who adopted the reading of Eleazar b. Hananiah in Shabbat, identified him with the Eleazar b. Hananiah mentioned by Josephus as a leader of the Zealots in the rebellion against Rome, but his view has not found wide acceptance (Noam, 335–36).


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[Stephen G. Wald (2nd ed.)]

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