Eleazar ben Moses Ha-Darshan of Wuerz-Burg

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ELEAZAR BEN MOSES HA-DARSHAN OF WUERZ-BURG (mid-13th century), one of the later writers of the *Hasidei Ashkenaz from the school of *Judah b. Samuel he-Hasid and *Eleazar of Worms. His father Moses was Judah's brother-in-law. None of his writings has been published. Two of his works, however, are found in manuscripts: a commentary on Sefer *Yeẓirah, cited by Abraham *Abulafia, the 13th-century kabbalist, and parts of his commentary on the Torah, which uses mainly the system of gematria and is known as Sefer ha-Gematriyyot. Probably portions of his other works are scattered in 13th-century Ashkenazi exegetical literature, and many quotations are found in the writings of later scholars, e.g., his son Moses b. Eleazar.


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