Eleazar ben Yose II

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ELEAZAR BEN YOSE II (c. early fourth century), Palestinian amora. He may have been the son of the amora Yose who, together with Jonah, headed the academy at Tiberias. In any event Eleazar discussed halakhic problems with Yose, frequently put questions to him (tj, Ber. 1:8, 3d; tj, Ta'an. 2:2, 65c et al.), and expounded before him (tj, Kil. 8:2, 31c; Ned. 4:9, 38d). Eleazar frequently quotes the statements of other amoraim such as Avin, Rav, Tanḥum b. Hiyya (tj, Ma'as. 1:3, 49a; 2:1, 49c; Ber. end of ch. 7, 11d; rh 4:8, 59c et al.). His own deeds and sayings are also reported. For example, he, Abba b. Mari, and Mattaniah permitted a gift (of bread) to be carried to the government representative (Ursicinus) on the Sabbath (tj, Beẓah 1:6, 60c). In Genesis Rabbah (32:2), R. Menaḥemyah quotes him as saying: "No man loves his fellow craftsmen – but God does – as it is written, 'For the Lord is righteous, He loveth righteousness' [Ps. 11:7]."


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[Yitzhak Dov Gilat]