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EHRENFELD , family of Hungarian rabbis. The founder was david Ẓevi ehrenfeld (d. 1861), a son-in-law of Moses *Sofer. He wrote no books of his own, but some of his writings are included in the books of his son Samuel. Ehrenfeld had five sons, four of whom served in the rabbinate of Hungary. Samuel *Ehrenfeld served as rabbi of several communities. simeon (b. 1860) was rabbi of Szinna (Snina) and Nagymihaly (Michalovce), both of which places became part of Czechoslovakia after World War i. He laid the foundation of the central bureau of Orthodox rabbis in Czechoslovakia. SAUL (1835–1905), who was born in Pressburg, succeeded Samuel at Szikszo and served there until his death. isaiah (1850–1902) was rabbi in Berzavicze, Sarospatak, and Nagysurany and wrote Shevet Sofer (1903, 19382) on the Pentateuch. He fought vigorously against every form of religious innovation. Abraham Glazner was his son-in-law.


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[Naphtali Ben-Menahem]